DMM 10mm Equal D S/G Steel Carabiner

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DMM 10mm Equal D Screw Gatelocking carabiner

A zinc plated Equal D carabiner made from 10mm bar

The Equal D carabiner provides a large internal volume whilst minimising the overall dimensions. It is best suited to applications where a small, strong and rugged karabiner is required.

This carabiner’s excellent wear resistance makes it particularly suitable for clipping onto steel safety lines or attachment points.

Weight: 150g
MBS: 30kN
Gate Opening: 15mm
Dimensions: 10.1cm x 5.7cm

Made in the UK, DMM’s certified carabiners have earned ISO 9001 certification and pass 42 individual quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. The biners pass ANSI Z359.1

We highly recommend steel Carabiners for rescue operations and industrial users for the following reasons:

They are more wear-resistant than aluminum carabiners
They are more ductile than aluminum carabiners making them more resistant to misuse
Steel Carabiners are inherently more resistant to corrosion in alkaline environments


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