DEUS 3200 Controlled Descent Device

The DEUS 3200 is a unique tactical tool for single-person controlled tactical descent. Because it can function entirely hands free while stopped and while descending, hands are free for other work. This makes the DEUS 3200 ideal for use by law enforcement and military personnel in a wide range of situations.

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Available as part of the DEUS Tactical Response Kit or with other equipment to create your own kit.

Hands Free Means More Tactical Maneuvers

Because the DEUS 3200 operates hands-free “stop,” “go” or at any speed between, troops can descend and use weapons at the same time, stop and use both hands for weapons, and perform maneuvers not possible with ordinary gear.

Just turn the control knob to set descent speed, using just two fingers. To stop descent, turn the control knob all the way to the right. To descend at maximum speed, turn the control knob all the way to the left. Or, set the control knob at any speed between stop and go. Once set, the DEUS 3200 operates hands-free at that speed.

Designed for Extra Safety

The DEUS 3200 was designed and engineered to ensure reliable safety, so you can trust it every time you descend. The system has four redundant brakes for extra safety, versatility and control. An automatic figure-8, a centrifugal brake to limit maximum speed, a disk-actuated drum brake set with the control knob to give precise operator control, and a manual rope-tailing brake.

The 3200 is also speed-limited to guard against free-fall. Even at maximum speed, the DEUS 3200 controls descent to a maximum of 3 meters per second. The impact velocity at 3 meters per second is the same as jumping from the seat of a chair.

The Versatile Tactical Tool

The DEUS 3200 is the one tool you need for both tactical descent and rescue.
Connect the 3200 to your harness in tactical mode and you are in complete control of your own descent. Connect it to an anchor and an operator can use it to evacuate or rescue others. Either way, the device operates the same way, and rope rigging through the device is the same.

The 3200 allows simple rope replacement to accommodate both training and tactical or rescue use.


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