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PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE – CMC Flash™ Hook and FlashLite
6740 Cortona Dr.
Goleta, CA 93117
Product Recall Notice: CMC Flash™ Hook and FlashLite™ Hook (P/N
300980 & 300981)
The issue:
During product validation testing of a newly developed escape hook, CMC discovered
the test fixture used to certify the existing Flash™ Hooks and FlashLite™ Hooks
unintentionally influenced the NFPA 1983 strength results when tested at Underwriters
Laboratory (UL). Ongoing testing indicates that in some applications Flash™ Hooks
and FlashLite™ Hooks may be lower in strength than the Minimum Breaking Strength
(MBS) marked on the products.
CMC has no knowledge of failures or injuries:
The hook strength issue was found during product testing and we have no knowledge
of failures or injuries with the many thousands of Flash™ Hooks and FlashLite™ Hooks
in use over the past decade. CMC stands behind our product quality and intends to offer
replacements for all hooks currently in service with an updated design providing a higher
margin of strength and safety.
What CMC will do:
CMC has completed and validated the new design and is working closely with UL to
implement a new test fixture and certify this replacement hook as soon as possible. CMC
will replace all Flash™ Hooks and FlashLite™ Hooks, with the redesigned, stronger hook
at CMC’s expense.
In the Meantime:
CMC considers current Flash™ Hooks and FlashLite™ Hooks safe to use in the interim
when applied in accordance with the user instructions (attached). For training evolutions,
always use a competent belay.
What you should do to participate in the recall program:
Details of the replacement program will be communicated as soon as possible. Please
register at the address below to assure we can contact you with updates about when
replacements will be available (estimated in March, 2019).
Our top priority is user safety. We will do our best to minimize inconvenience while
conducting this recall program. Thank you for trusting CMC products for your life safety
User instructions for Flash™ Hook
User instructions for FlashLite™ Hook
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